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Anxiofit Ltd. is a developer of scientific evidence-based, anti-anxiety dietary supplements. 

All developments are built on deep scientific knowledge, research and numerous animal and human trials to be able to provide with modern, proven help for the growing number of people occasionally experiencing anxiety, stress, nervous inner tension and restless sleep.

The company’s first preparation, Anxiofit-1 is successfully marketed for more, than 5 years under AnxioCalm 

brand in the US.

The main component of Anxiofit-1 is an ancient herb Echinacea. Echinacea is traditionally used for immune support for the respiratory track, but a group of Hungarian scientists found that a unique type of Echinacea Angustifolia from selected growing areas, in a well measured doses has proven anxiolytic effects. Beside its effective anxiolytic effect Anxiofit-1 does not have sedative side effects as most of the existing preparations.

The company started the commercialization of its products globally and is searching for reliable business partners for distribution.  


The company was founded in 2007 by well-known Hungarian scientists, Prof. Tamas Freund, Prof. Jozsef Haller and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.   They started a research by utilizing governmental and EU grant to gain better understanding of the anxiolytic effects of certain herbs and compounds.  In the research process special emphasis were given to the endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2 receptors. ​They found that ingredients of a certain kind of Echinacea has anxiolytic effects.  The effect highly depends on the type of plant, where it is grown, which part of the plant is used and how it is processed.  

Professional scientific articles have been published about the anxiolytic effects of Echinacea and international patents have been filed by the founding scientists of the company. The company has screened lots of suppliers and only few were safely able to supply raw materials for the production. Scientific methods have been developed to ensure that the final products always have the right quantity of active ingredients responsible for the anxiolytic effect, as some ingredients in Echinacea might even increase anxiety. 

In 2009 together with a reputable GMP certified pharma manufacturer (ExtractumPharma) the company developed Anxiofit-1 dietary supplement and started production of the 20mg Anxiofit-1 minipills in pharma quality.

​Numerous animal and human clinical trials have been completed to prove that Anxiofit-1 - without side effects-, is ameliorating sub-threshold and mild anxiety, which are clear risk factors in development of anxiety disorders and depression.

In 2010 the first products were sold in the US market under Anxiofit brand, which was later rebranded to AnxioCalm and is exclusively distributed by Europharma Inc.

In 2016 the AnxioCalm product received licenses for distribution also in Canada.

Anxiofit is currently working on receiving an EFSA approval to be able to use its anti-anxiety health claim on the labels also in the European countries. Final approval is expected to be received in 2020.

The company is aiming to further increase the anxiolytic effect of the product by combining extracted active ingredients of other traditional herbs and dietary supplement with its special Echinacea extract without appearance of any side effects.

​The products are distributed globally either as bulk product or branded product through reliable distribution partners.  If you want to do business with us feel free to contact:



Chairman of the Neuroscience Department, P. Pazmany Catholic University. He has been President of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies and he is the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

He was an Executive Committee Member and Head of Business Development at Affidea Group one of the fastest growing healthcare service groups in Europe and an early investor and President of Oncompass Medicine

Prof. Tamás F. Freund

Chairman of the Board 

Zoltan Fuzesi


Jozsef Haller founded the Behavioral Neurobiology Department of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest. He obtained the Doctor in Science degree at the Hungarian Academy of Science (2004) in behavioral neurobiology

She has dedicated the majority of professional life to advertising in the Publicis Group where she handled thousands of communication projects and managed the Hungarian branch of the company.

Prof.  Jozsef Haller

Scientific Director 

Zsuzsanna Papp

Head of Marketing 





AnxioFit small tablet formulation is based on a special blend of Echinacea extracts gathered from selected growing areas with a unique profile of active principles, which bind to the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, sustainably reducing anxiety and stress. 


All products include the clinically validated Anxiofit-1 ingredient, which is a patent protected, fast acting, non-sedative anxiolytic.

Sub-threshold and mild anxiety symptoms are well known risk factors of anxiety disorders and depression. Anxiofit-1 decreases the risk factor associated with developing anxiety disorders and depression by ameliorating sub-threshold and mild symptoms of anxiety.


All batches has an extra layer of quality control with proprietary analytics to ensure that the active principles responsible for the anxiolytic effect are present in the right proportion and ingredients in echinacea, which might actually cause anxiety are always present below a minimal threshold.

Upon request reports of clinical trials are available, showing the anxiolytic effect of the products. The outcome measures used to assess this effect were the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory by Spielberger.


AnxioFit original 7mm diameter, 120 mg coated tablets manufactured in Hungary in pharma quality. Tablets contain 20mg Anxiofit-1.



Vegan formulation, 8mm diameter coated tablets, without lactose and talc with 40mg Anxiofit-1.



Vegan formulation including extra B6 and Matricaria Recutita in 8mm diameter coated tablets, containing 40mg Anxiofit-1.


The AnxioCalm dietary supplement in the US is targeting the large population of people experiencing occasional anxiety, not receiving conventional medical treatment and favouring side effect free herbal medications, which has scientifically described mechanism of action and a measurable effect.


Anxiofit will be marketed in many European countries under the brand name of AnxioControl.  Striking brand design, communication material will be available

for those who prefers to take the final products. 


Details are coming soon.




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